About us

About Varma Hospitals Bhimavaram

VARMA Hospital was founded in 2001 and moved to the current hospital in 2011. The man behind the “Mission & VISION “ of our hospital.
Dr.P.R.K.Varma did his MBBS & MD from AMC and DM from Osmania worked as a resident in the department of cardiology at NIMS, Later joined Care Hospitals, He was a part of the team of DR.Somaraju, famous and renowned cardiologist. Later on Shifted to Care hospital, vizag. He used to visit Bhimavaram as a part of Care Team, As he hails from this district he wanted to establish Quality health care institution, Which will be accessible and available for community here till then there was no proper Cardiac set up in this area. A Multi-Speciality Hospital 2011.
Our Emergency team often saves lives and are always here for you, while treating everyone like family. Many new surgeons and Physicians have joined us over the years.
Recent years also saw continued upgrades, including new equipment for many departments.

"Varma Hospitals" is a dedicated to providing the best in patient care, education, and scientific advancement. We bring together a dedicated team of expert physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to provide the highest standards of medical treatment. Our multidisciplinary services offer patients comprehensive and state-of-the-art medical care with the best possible outcomes. Our full range of primary and specialty care services enables cross-specialty consultation, which assures outstanding treatment for each patient.