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The Department of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology & Child guidance clinic had conducted a programme titled “School Mental Health-Need of the hour” on 17th Dec, 2017. The emphasis uses on the role of the teachers in promoting mental health in students.

Mental health problems affect is about 1 in 10 children and adolescents at some time during their youth, regardless of where they live and how well to do they are; the problems children undergo are often a direct response to what is happening in their lives. They exhibit their impairment in a variety of ways. They may fail academically, be socially rejected and have a poor self image. They may also have difficulties in relating to peers or adults and may have little respect for the rules of the society. About 3% of school-age children suffer from serious mental illness such as severe depression, suicidal thoughts, Psychosis, anxiety, stress serious attention problems or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Many children make it through their youth without showing significant behavioral, emotional or academic difficulties. This is due to a combination of successful coping skills and the amount of support available as well as the degree of environmental stress encountered.

The speakers were:

  • B.Naga Nandini , MBBS , MRCPSYSCH (London),MBA(Hosp.adm)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

  • Stuti Karmarkar , M.A(Psy),M.phil(clin.Psy)

Clinical Psychologist.


The purpose of the talk was to familiarize teachers with the kind of emotional distress a child or an adolescent could go through and the needed help teachers could extend before any significant damage is done.


School Mental Health-Need of the Hour


A steady rise in the prevalence of mental disorders has become a major concern. Research has shown that 12% of children aged 4-18 years suffer from some kind of Psychiatric disorders.

In this scenario, a Child Guidance clinic has been started at Varma Hospitals, Bhimavaram. The clinic provides services like early detection, diagnosis and treatment for children and families who have developed behavioral , emotional , social , intellectual and communication problems like mental retardation , autism , depression , anxiety , obsessions , phobia/fear , ADHM , specific learning disabilities , etc.

Our clinic provides the following interventions:

  • Behavior modification
  • Remedial training
  • Parent management training
  • Family therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Skills to develop socio-adaptive functioning and social communication
  • Counseling

These interventions will reduce temper tantrums, aggressiveness, over activities and other behavioral problems in children.

  • Early detection/treatment can keep illness from getting worse or last longer.
  • It helps children return to normal or near normal functioning depending upon their severity.

Team of CGC:

  • P.Sridevi ,M.D ,
  • B.Naga Nandinin ,M.B.B.S , MRCPSYCH(London) , MBA (Hosp. Adm)

(Trained at university of Cambridge)

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

  • Deepthi Raju , Paediatrist & Intensivist.
  • Stuti Karamarkar , M.A(Psy), M.Phil(Ch.Psy)

Clinical Psychologist.

  • Neha Jain , Master in Audiology & Speech language pathology.

Speech Therapist.

  • sathish , BPT , M.D (A.M) , M.B.A , H.A, H.M
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