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Department of General Surgery

Dr. Satyanand Kalla., M.S.,F.A.M.S.

The Department of General Surgery at Varma Hospitals is a well established unit with facilities to carry out full spectrum of surgical procedures, and well equipped to provide critical care to patients of high risk. General surgery is a discipline that requires knowledge of and familiarity with a broad spectrum of diseases that may require surgical treatment. By necessity, the breadth and depth of this knowledge will vary by disease category. In most areas, the surgeon will be expected to be competent in diagnosing and treating the full spectrum of disease.

The department of General Surgery focuses on high quality state of the art surgery like Laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgery, Gastroenterological surgery etc. The team is equally dedicated for trauma care/surgery. Procedure like emergency laparotomy can be efficiently carried by the team of doctors. Surgical oncology cases are delivered with utmost care supported by an elucidated counseling and post-operative nursing care.
Our operation theatre equipped with modern facilities

Available surgeries:
General surgeries
Ø  Hemorrhoidectomy.
Ø  Fissures, fistula, perianal abscess.
Ø  Excision of lipoma, dermoid cyst ganglion.
Ø  Mastectomy.
Ø  Thyroidectomy
Ø  Parotidectomy.
Ø  Submandibular gland excision.
Laparoscopic surgery :
Ø  Appenticectomy.
Ø  Cholecystectomy.
Ø  Ventral hernia repair.
Ø  Incisional hernia repair.
Ø  Inguinal hernia repair.
Ø  Hiatus hernia repair.
Gastrointestinal surgeries :

1.     Pancreatitis surgeries v  Whipples procedure. v  LPJ.
2.     Cholecystectomy.
3.     Splenectomy.
4.     Small bowl resection.
5.     Large bowl resections.
6.     Colorectal surgeries.
7.     Esophagectomy
8.     Arterectomy
9.     diaphragmatic hernia

Ø  Ugi endocopy.
Ø  Colonoscopy.
Ø  Endoscopic sileresent therapy
Ø  Endoscopic band ligation
Ø  Various vein surgeries
Ø  Haemangiomas
Ø  Amputations
Ø  Plastic surgeries
Ø  Contractive release.
Ø  Skin grafting.
Ø  Flaps.
Ø  Selected cosmic procedures

Ø  Appenticectomy
Ø  Intestinal distructions
Ø  Blunt abdominal injuries
Ø  Penetrating abdominal injuries
Ø  Blust trauma chest
Ø  Ribs fracture management
Ø  Diabetic foot
Ø  Cellulitis
Ø  Amputations
Ø  Other trauma surgeries
Ø  Burn injuries.   (70%-80% burns management)