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Department of Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Dr. B. N. V. J. Sravanthi., M.B.B.S., D.G.O
As a social responsibility we organize a free check-up for all the out patients on every Friday

Department of obstetrics & gynaecology is having fully equipped labour room to handle normal labour, instrumental deliveries and labour analgesia. Fully equipped operation theatre to handle elective, emergency and high risk obstetric and gynaecological procedures. Intensive care unit with anaesthetist, physician, cardiologist, paediatrician and neonatologist round the clock.

Out patient services:

Ø  Pap smear
Ø  Cervical biopsies
Ø  AN checkups
Ø  Gynaecology
Ø  Infertility
Ø  Family planning – IUCD insertion.
Ø  Screening for breast cancers.
Ø  Threatened abortions.
Ø  Endocrinological disorders.
Labour room:

Ø  Normal deliveries
Ø  High risk pregnancy

Ø  Instrumental Deliveries

Ø  CTG monitoring
Ø  Labour analgesia
Minor Operation theatre procedures:

Ø  D&C
Ø  D&E
Ø  Tubectomy
Major operation theatre procedures:

Ø  Caesarean section
Ø  Total abdominal hysterectomy
Ø  Vaginal hysterectomy
Ø  Cystocele repair
Ø  Post colpoperineoraphy
Ø  Laparoscopic surgeries.
Ø  Diagnostic laparoscopy
Ø  Lap myomectomy
Ø  Ovarian drilling
Ø  Tubectomy
Ø  Salphibgectomy (ectopic pregnancy)
Ø  Salphingo oopherectomy
Ø  Marsupilization of batholin’s cyst.
Ø  Cervical stitch application to prevent/ treat recurrent abortions
Ø  Incomplete abortions
Ø  Staging laparotomy for ovarian cancer
Ø  Radical hydterectomy