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Departmet of Pulmonary Medicine

Dr. Purnachand., M.D.,Pulmonology

The department of Pulmonary medicine in Varma Hospitals is a group of pulmonologists and physicians who provide comprehensive consultative evaluation and management for patients with pulmonary diseases associated with cancer, critically ill and undiagnosed lung abnormalities. The Department of Pulmonary Medicine undertakes the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of pulmonary diseases in children, adolescents, and adults. we provide  specialized treatment of specific diseases such as:

Ø  Asthma

Ø  Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Ø  Sleep-disordered breathing

Ø  Interstitial lung diseases

Ø  Sarcoidosis

Ø  Fungal infections

Ø  Cystic fibrosis

Ø  Occupational lung diseases

Ø  Pulmonary rehabilitation

Ø  Tuberculosis

Ø  Lung cancers

The department renders facilities for investigation and management of all sorts of infective and non-infective pulmonary diseases. We have the following services:

Pulmonary function test

Ø  Bronchoscopy

Ø  Thoracoscopy

Ø  Sleep study

Ø  Pleural fluid aspiration

ICD placement